Doctor Claims Megan Thee Stallion Stepped On Glass; Not Shot By Tory Lanez

Doctor Claims Megan Thee Stallion Stepped On Glass; Not Shot By Tory Lanez

New developments in the Megan Thee Stallion vs. Tory Lanez case have completely turned the tables. Shocking information has been revealed, where a former doctor has revealed that her foot injury was because of stepping on glass.

As per the new LAPD report, Megan was treated by Dr. Loffredo for a laceration caused by glass and not a bullet. The altercation between Lanez and Stallion took place following Kylie Jenner’s party in the Hollywood Hills mansion.

Reports that were published initially has Megan allegedly being injured from broken glass. However, she called herself a “victim of shooting” in a now-deleted Instagram post. The rapper claimed Lanez shot her after an altercation.

Lanez denied these claims but was charged with two counts of felony. He was charged with assault with a firearm and also for carrying a loaded gun. As per a new report, Megan’s foot injury is revealed to be due to walking on glass and not being shot.

Dr. Loffredo verified that the laceration he treated was caused because of glass. Reports allegedly deem that X-rays of the alleged gunshot wound show no bullets. There were no bullets that were extracted from the injury or recovered from it.

But, there’s a catch because initial X-ray reports did reveal gunshot fragments as per reports. As per the officers examining the shooting scene, they recovered an acrylic nail, jewelry, and four bullet casings.

As per the latest development, Megan also appeared to be ‘alert’, ‘oriented’, and ‘breathing comfortably’ at the time of her admission following the altercation. As per doctors, there was a small wound that could be seen on her posterior ankle and it had no active bleeding.

Megan Initially “Thought” She Stepped On Glass

There were reports as well as authorities who claimed Megan wasn’t revealing information about her injuries to the police. She claimed that she was walking at a party and heard a loud noise and ran away. As per the rapper she “thought” she stepped on glass.

The singer had also claimed she has never heard gunshots and did not believe there were any bullets. She had claimed on CBS Mornings that she withheld information about the Lanez shooting because she was scared for her life after the George Floyd incident.

Both of them received backlash for their statements after the incident. After the recent developments, many users were extremely shocked as they took to Twitter to mock Megan.

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