Divya Agarwal unloads Matki on Neha Bhasin on Bigg Boss OTT, calls her “self-centered”

The recent episode of the reality show has revealed a lot of moving equations among the show’s competitors. Sunny Leone, the Bollywood star, made a surprise appearance on the weekend show.

She had entered the house and forced the contestants to perform in some amusing acts for the audience’s enjoyment.

Sunny Leone had the competitors drop some objects on the heads of Neha Bhasin and Akshara Singh for their faults in one of the activities. In the episode, Divya Agarwal was seen pouring orange juice on Neha Bhasin’s head as she expressed her dislike for her. She defended her statement by stating, “When you’re friends with her, everything revolves around her.” She only cries, she only weeps, and she only has issues. Nobody else is going to have any problems.”

Here’s the video, Have a look-

Divya Agarwal unloaded the orange juice-filled matki on her after explaining her reasoning. There were also some unique activities, such as having the candidates dance with coconut, which was entertaining to watch. There will be no elimination for the weekend, according to host Karan Johar.

Nishant-Moose, Akshara-Millind, and Neha-Pratik were all pronounced safe after being nominated. Karan also revealed that the show will have a wild card entry in the following week, which peaked everyone’s interest. The contestants, as well as special guest Sunny Leone, put on dancing performances.

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