Divers’ Dream in Designa Individual Watches Vision

By The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

When it comes to a strong brand identity with unwavering innovation, we discover a watch design concept whose foundation has been built in Germany – Designa Individual Manufacture. Emerging from the passion of two artists which together with a team of artisans are aiming to redefine the whole concept of watch modification. The luxury watch industry is very unique due to the huge number of renowned brands that have a long history behind them; the main pain point is translating this rich history into a message that will resonate with the young generation, which is exactly what DiW is doing.

Modifying watch models produced by the world’s biggest brands resulting in limited edition timepieces that carry the brand’s history alongside unique and complex modifications. DIW is head and shoulders above all others in the field of watch customizations.

One of the things that sets Designa Individual Manufacture apart from its competitors is the ability to work with high quality composite materials such as carbon fiber, with innovation being one of the most important concerns, discovering and improving working techniques to create pieces unmatched in the watch modification industry.

Continuous development allows DiW to reach new heights, therefore the union of traditional watchmaking combined with the craftsmen’s mastery led to the emergence of the ”Essence of Carbon” (EOC) Project. The base model for this modification is the Rolex Submariner. Launched in 1953, it was the first divers’ wristwatch waterproof to a depth of 100 meters (330 feet). This was the second great breakthrough in the technical mastery of waterproofness, following the invention of the Oyster, the world’s first waterproof wristwatch, in 1926. In watchmaking, the Submariner represented a historic turning point,  setting a new standard for  divers’ watches. Today, the Submariner is waterproof to a depth of 300 meters (1,000 feet). The models produced by Rolex are among the most used when DiW artisans are performing modifications.

Emerging from the depths of the ocean, the legendary Essence of Carbon diver’s watch is lighter and has a unique appeal thanks to the use of high-end carbon fiber. With an elegant design and a meticulous approach towards this project, it’s completely different from the rest. A perfectly balanced piece of craftsmanship, the “Essence of Carbon” Submariner features a full high-end carbon fiber dial and hand-encrusted carbon in the bezel. The design chosen for the EOC project is based on shades of gray offering a unique visual sensation in the carbon details.  Another interesting detail is the night-time viewing mode, under the cover of darkness the indicator for every hour glows allowing you to view the time. It’s sandblasted matte finish in the case and bracelet is subtle and adds to the unparalleled aesthetic of the masterpiece.

The receiving experience is a special one as well, as the watch is delivered to customers in a black box covered in velvet, made of oak. In terms of warranty, the EOC project comes with a seven-year warranty from DiW.

Crafted only on request, and limited to 10 pieces, the Submariner “Essence of Carbon” project is orientated towards those with a fine eye for craftsmanship and design  being the perfect companion for your diving experiences. 


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