Disney+Day Is Around, One Month Countdown For New Content Launch

Disney+ is gearing up for its biggest day. It’s that time of the year when you will get to know all the movies and shows that will release this year. Every year on Disney+ Day, the streaming service releases new movies and television shows, breaks major news, and surprises fans. Disney announced earlier this year that the 2022 Disney+ Day will take place on September 8th, which is a lot sooner compared to the last year.

Fans are very excited to see what the new announcements hold and see if their anticipated film/ series will make an appearance. There is not much information about Disney+ Day but the house of mouse has certainly hyped up its grand day. The world of the dream tale will create its magic yet again.

Disney+ Day

There will undoubtedly be a tonne of fun in store for the event next month, the Disney+ Instagram account teased in a post on Monday.

The Disney+ post says, “Disney+ Day is only 1 MORE MONTH away.” Get ready for an incredible day full of premieres, surprises, and so much more.”

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the most recent film from Marvel Studios, even though subscribers are unsure of exactly what originals will premiere on Disney+ for Disney+ Day or what new movies will be coming to the service. Marvel fans are hopeful that Thor: Love and Thunder will make its Disney+ Day debut as its limited theatrical run will be done by the time September rolls around.

The inaugural Disney+ Day will be a grand-scale celebration of our subscribers across the entire company.” announced, Bob Chapek, Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney Company, in a press release. Further adding the executive said, “This day of appreciation brings to life our mission to entertain, inform, and inspire fans and families around the globe through the power of unparalleled storytelling and will become an annual tentpole event to be amplified across our global businesses.”

Disney+ platform has a wide variety of content for its audience. It would be exciting to see what content will be launched this time.

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