Disney & LAPD Hauled Into Johnny Depp $50 Million Defamation Lawsuit

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s messy case is going deeper as they take hits at the other. The actor is in another turmoil as Amber Heard is digging deep into their documentation.

Their multi-million-dollar defamation battles seemed to done but the actress wants more documents. In subpoenas that were submitted today, the Aquaman alum wants to know what the Los Angeles Police department and Walt Disney Motion Picture Group have on him.

She has demanded more information about the same along with her attorney. They want it to be produced in the coming weeks. Not only that but in the case of Disney, Amber and her lawyers want more than just the paperwork on what really was going on with the actor during the filming, including shooting and re-shooting.

They are also demanding a February 18 virtual deposition from the House of Mouse on the matter. The demand for the documentation from Disney in the $50 million defamation suit has spread its hand pretty wide.

In their long war, Amber wants “all information relating to documents and communications of any nature”. They desire information on Johnny and the “incidents of drug or alcohol use (including suspected drug or alcohol use).” The lawyers are also demanding information about “any delays or tardiness caused by Mr. Depp”.

Amber and her attorneys also need information about any info on blaming the actor. Also, anything about “hiring, casting” and “disagreements with the writers, directors or producers with the filming, editing and/or release of Pirates 5.” Amber has dug even deeper as lawyers want “all information relating to all documents and communications of any nature between Disney and Mr. Depp from January 1, 2018, through the present.”

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Amber Burdening The Court With “frivolous, unnecessary motions”

Dead Men Tell No Tales was the lowest-earning movie from any of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise films. This was after a series of disruptive production issues and there was also a big halt in their Australia shoot.

This cost Disney millions as Johnny had to be brought Stateside after slicing the tip of one of his fingers. The injury was the result of reportedly one of the many conflicts that Amber and Johnny had. According to a report, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise plays a major role in this legal back-and-forth from the beginning.

Johnny had sued Amber in Virginia court for $50 million back in March 2019. This was after the actress wrote an op-ed about being a victim of domestic abuse. The 2018 piece never mentioned Johnny’s name, however, the actor alleged it damaged his reputation. When Amber wrote the piece it was quite obvious she was talking about the actor.

The Alice in wonderland actor also claimed that he lost his role in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean reboot. The paperwork also said that Johnny was the one who was the real victim of domestic abuse and that she is the perpetrator.

Amber had several unsuccessful attempts to toss the matter and she countersued last summer. Recently, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor is trying to get the countersuit dismissed. He had lost a high profile libel case in Britain last year against Rupert Murdoch’s The Sun for labeling him as a “wife-beater”.

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Amber Hauls LAPD For All Communications With Johnny

In a subpoena different from its own, the LAPD has been asked to provide bodycam footage from two officers. They are also asked to provide “all documents and communications of any nature generated, sent or received relating to the 911 calls relating to the Eastern Columbia Building on May 21, 2016, relating to Ms. Heard.”

The subpoena also goes on to say “this includes all internal and external reports, communications, and other documents.” They have also been asked to provide all documents and communications of any nature with Johnny and/or any of his agents, attorneys, or others acting on his behalf. Amber’s lawyers have set up a deadline for the City of Angels cops to produce the documents.

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