Dinesh Desai Performs Havan On Hanuman Jayanti At A Temple In Ahmedabad To Fight Against Coronavirus

In this tough time of coronavirus pandemic, people are trying their best to spread positivity with their work. While some are trying to help the needy people, some are just creating informative content on social media. Dinesh Desai who is a motivational speaker, social worker and a philanthropist has been contributing a lot for his Maldhari community in Gujarat. Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak happened, he has taken charge of many initiatives to help the daily wage workers and needy people. The social worker on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti is again bringing in some positivity.

Desai on the auspicious occasion performed a havan (a ritual in Hindu religion) at a temple in Ahmedabad to eradicate the disease from the country. Besides this, he also organized a Maha Aarti at the temple to abolish the negative impact of coronavirus from India. “Since the last one month, coronavirus has severely impacted the lives of the people – physically, mentally and emotionally. It is very disturbing to see everyone in such a bad situation. Our country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji recently brought the entire nation together to light candles and lights for with a hope to remove some negativity and it was a great effort. Keeping a havan was my way to keep up the positive spirit”, said Desai.

Earlier the social worker was in the news for his plans of getting into content creation. The man who loves to motivate people had revealed that he wants to start creating motivational content. Keeping his Maldhari community united, he believes to educate every person from his community and also create employment opportunities for them. In such a bad situation due to the pandemic, Dinesh Desai made an appeal not just to his people but to other countrymen as well. He requested everyone to follow what the government says and also maintain social distancing. He further added, “Let’s pray to God for the entire humanity. As we say, good always wins over evil. In this case, humanity will once again defeat the deadly virus.”