Did LeBron James Have More Obstacle Than Michael Jordan?

Did LeBron James Have More Obstacle Than Michael Jordan?

The debate between who is better Michael Jordan or LeBron James has been a heated debate for a long time. It started as soon as LeBron James joined the league with the ‘Next Jordan’ tag already on his back.

The years of scrutiny

After Michael Jordan retired from basketball, fans around the world were already searching the next heir. When LeBron said that he was available for the draft as soon as he finished High School got the fans hyped up. He was given the title the ‘Chosen One’ as he put on a stellar rookie season.

It has been 19 years since then and LeBron has earned himself 4 NBA Championships along with 18 All-Star selections and 4 MVPs. In those years he has been scrutinized for every decision he took and every comments he made. Analysts and Media overanalyzed what he says and used that as a point for why he would not be as great as Jordan.

Analysts’ and Player’s opinion on LeBron

According to Analyst Max Kellerman, LeBron James has faced more obstacles than Jordan mainly because of the constant comparisons. Even NBA All-Star Draymond Green conferred saying, “I always tell people with LeBron like that. He got the chosen one tattooed across his back.”

He said, “He had that tattoo in high school. He was anointed King James in high school. I think for one what’s so incredible to me about LeBron is he probably had the highest expectations of any high school, ex, any player.”

“But especially high school players ever coming into the NBA. Like even Michael Jordan didn’t have the expectations to become who Michael Jordan became when he came out of North Carolina. LeBron probably had the highest expectations, not only, he exceeded them.”

Of course we are in a league where the conversation for the greatest player is imminent. Every person has a different opinion and perspective regarding that matter. It is undeniable that before LeBron there were players who had gotten the tag and could not live up to the expectations. Their careers would have been seen in a completely different light if not for those comparisons.

However, that was not the case for LeBron. He embraced the criticisms and the antics on his game. For LeBron, the comparison gave him the drive to get to the height where he is right now. It can be said that LeBron wouldn’t be the player he is right now without the narrative and none other than LeBron could live upto it.

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