Did Bella Hadid Go Blonde? See Photos

Did Bella Hadid Go Blonde? See Photos

Bella Hadid seems to have gone blonde for the holiday season. In a recent Instagram story posted by her, it looks like she has gone blonde.

The model has always been a dark espresso brunette but it seems she has gone back to her roots. She is ditching the dark color for a lighter color. As a kid, Bella was a sandy blonde and she shared a picture of herself with fresh strawberry blonde hair.

She wrote, “Feeling a little better and a little blonder.” The picture sees Bella’s hair in long and straight hair with a hint of a wave. She had her hair parted to the side as she becomes the honey-blonde model instead of the brunette one.

Her hair was even decorated with teddy bears, thanks to the Instagram filter as it also changed her facial features a little. However, the question is if the change is permanent or just a wig. She has not posted a picture on her grid but has shared a few glimpses here and there.

She was also spotted out and about with her sister, Gigi Hadid with the same blonde hair. The model had shared a selfie where a tiny bit of her brunette hair was visible from underneath her hat. Bella also shared an old photo of her as a child in a Dorothy dress. Maybe that was the hint that she is changing her hair.


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