Diane Warren Says “No Disrespect Or Attack” To Beyoncé’s New Album, After Facing Backlash

Diane Warren, the American Songwriter is facing Twitter backlash, after she tweeted about Beyoncé’s new song. Let’s find out what exactly happened.

Beyonce fans are enjoying her newly released album “Renaissance”, and they all are loving it. But Diane Warren’s indirect tweets related to Beyoncé, disappointed fans and which is why Diane faced backlash.

Diane Warren in one of her tweets wrote,” How can there be 24 writers on a song?🙄” This tweet is a reference to Beyoncé giving credits to all the 24 songwriters for her new album. Following this tweet, she tweeted another one saying, ” This isn’t meant as shade, I’m just curious.”

Even after clarifying that it wasn’t meant as shade to the album, fans were still not okay with it and they criticized her for that. Later in one of her tweets, Warren said, ” Ok, it’s prob samples that add up the ammount of writerrs.”

The song which she was talking about indirectly was “Alien Superstar” one of her songs from the “Renaissance” album which consists of 24 songwriters as mentioned in the credits. One of Beyoncé’s fans commented saying, ” How you’ve been in the game for 80 years and don’t know how samples work?” To which Warren replies that she doesn’t use them.

Music Icon The Dream, a verified account explained to Warren how this samples thing actually works, they say ” You mean how’s does our (Black) Culture have so many writers, well it started because we couldn’t afford certain things starting out so, we started sampling and became an Artform, a major part of the Black Culture (hip-hop) in American Had that era not happen. Who knows. U good?”

Diane Warren replied to the verified account thanking them for making her aware of it, she clarified herself saying she didn’t mean this thing as disrespect or attack.” So there was no need to be mean about it.”

Beyoncé’s Renaissance Album Songs

  1. I’m That Girl
  2. Cozy
  3. Alien Superstar
  4. Cuff It
  5. Energy
  6. Break My Soul
  7. Church Girl
  8. Plastic Off the Sofa
  9. Virgo’s Groove
  10. Move
  11. Heated
  12. Thique
  13. All Up in Your Mind
  14. America Has a Problem
  15. Pure/Honey
  16. Summer Renaissance

You can hear the songs of Beyoncé’s new album on Spotify or iTunes.

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