Dexter Showrunner Confirms [SPOILER] Is Dead In New Blood Finale

Dexter Showrunner Confirms [SPOILER] Is Dead In New Blood Finale

Clyde Phillips, showrunner of Dexter: New Blood, confirms Dexter Morgan’s fate in the finale. After fans wondered what would happen to Dexter after Angela suspected him of being the Bay Harbor Butcher and killing Matt Caldwell, the ten-episode event series has come to an end. Dexter’s demise will undoubtedly have an affect on him, as well as the other characters in Dexter’s community with whom he has attached himself, with the appearance of Dexter’s grown son Harrison and his witnessing of his father’s murders.

Dexter was arrested for the murder of Matt in the season finale, “Sins of the Father,” a predicament he had avoided on several occasions in the original series. Dexter kills Sergeant Logan as part of his escape plan before fleeing to Harrison and leaving town on the run. When Harrison finds out what Dexter has done, he turns on his father and prepares to shoot him with the firearm Dexter gave him in the previous episode. Dexter realises what he has become as a result of Harrison’s influence, and he tells his son to murder him.

Phillips confirms Dexter Morgan’s death in an interview with Deadline, saying that Harrison shot him voluntarily. Before being shot, Dexter finally admits what he’s done and the many innocent people who have perished as a result of his actions. He also admits to feeling a genuine affection for his son that he had never felt before.

“You did good,” he said to Harrison before passing away with his sister Debra by his side. The following is Phillips’ statement:

“I have three words for you: Dexter is dead…Here, there is no question that this is the finale of Dexter. Dexter is dead.”

He is officially dead

Dexter passed along his code to Harrison in the penultimate episode, and Harrison was in awe of him, believing that Dexter uses his Dark Passenger for the better. Harrison appears to have second thoughts after witnessing Dexter murder Kurt Caldwell and being fully exposed to Dexter’s frightening ritual. After being one of Dexter’s most fervent defenders, Angel Batista from the original series now believes Dexter is a serial killer, according to the finale. With the truth about Dexter now out, fans may rest easy knowing that he died peacefully.

Despite Dexter’s death in the finale, Harrison’s fate remains unknown. Angela comes across Harrison and Dexter’s body after Harrison assassinates him. While she considers Dexter, she decides to let him go. After the ending, Phillips has mentioned that he would like to explore more of Harrison’s character and life. While Dexter Morgan is officially dead, he could return as Harrison’s mind, much like Deb did for him.

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