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Dexter Series Finale Was Infuriating For Fans, Michael C. Hall Admits

The Dexter series finale, according to Michael C. Hall, did not measure up to fans’ expectations. Hall has played Dexter Morgan for eight seasons and will reprise the role in the highly anticipated Dexter revival limited series, which will consist of ten episodes. After leaving the original series at the end of season 4, Clyde Phillips has been invited back as the showrunner, and the revival will take place ten years after the finale.

Dexter was regarded as quality television by both audiences and reviewers throughout Phillips’ tenure. Dexter was at its peak when Phillips announced his departure, with a horrifying season 4 conclusion in which Dexter returns home to find his wife Rita murdered by the Trinity Killer in their bathtub, while their kid Harrison cries in a pool of blood, oddly similar to Dexter’s own childhood.

Many have contended since then that, despite some high points, Dexter began a slow decline that culminated in a series finale that was virtually universally hated.

Hall has always gotten praise for his portrayal of the anti-hero, winning numerous awards for Dexter, and there is little question that this trend will continue when Dexter returns later this year. Dexter will be moving to a new location of Iron Lake in upstate New York, operating under a new identity and dealing with a new group of individuals in the revival. Season 9 of Dexter has already been confirmed with a wave of different cast members.

With the return of the original creative team, there’s a chance that the revival may recapture the show’s best aspects that made it so enjoyable following an unsatisfying and controversial finish.

The teasers have hinted at Dexter’s Dark Passenger reappearing, and it will be interesting to see how he lives up to the hype. Dexter will broadcast on Showtime sometime in the fall, and hopefully the finale will provide Hall with closure and pleasure.

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