Details On How An Ex-WWE Superstar Locked The Undertaker In A Bathroom Before A Real Fight

Details On How An Ex-WWE Superstar Locked The Undertaker In A Bathroom Before A Real Fight

Tank Toland lately recalled locking The Undertaker and several other superstars in a bathroom with his former tag team partner. Toland, formerly recognised as James Dck, appeared on SmackDown in 2005 as part of The Dcks with Chad D*ck. Some superstars encouraged Chad to prove himself by validly punching his tag partner as part of his main-roster initiation.

Toland stated that Chad was willing to do whatever his workmates asked certainly to fit in. He locked The Undertaker and major corporation in a bathroom so they couldn’t see him pleading with Toland to throw a punch.

Toland said, I remember Taker telling the story the next day to some of the other guys I heard. And he says, Yes of course, we were going to open the door. I tried to open the door, but it didn’t work. ‘The little bd had us locked in!’ They all began fing grinning because he got something over on them. So he went from totally freaking buried down here to over it like a motherf*.

Chad D*ck begged Toland to let him punch The Undertaker while he and several others were locked in a bathroom. Orlando Jordan, a WWE Superstar from 2003 to 2006, ultimately opened the door, and the roster could see Chad pleading for his tag companion. Toland added that Orlando was the one who unlocked the door. He wasn’t present. So Orlando tried to open the door, and the boys saw him on his hands and knees clamouring me.

Chad punched Toland the next night in an effort to gain acceptance from his fellow superstars. Toland fought back by knocking Chad unconscious, leaving both men in need of medical treatment.

Veer Mentioned Meeting The Dead Man Before His RAW Debut

I ran into Undertaker before my debut, he remembered. At the Performance Center, I had several call sessions with Undertaker. But it was awesome to see Undertaker backstage as I prepared for my debut. He asks, “Dude, are you prepared for this?” Yeah of course, sir, I replied. Now that you’ve arrived, I’m ready to go.’ That was among the most memorable moments of my life.

Veer made his debut on RAW after WrestleMania 38, attacking The Mysterios and defeating Dominik Mysterio the very next week. On the April 18 RAW, he crushed enhancement talent Jeff Brooks, and last week, he dominated enhancement talent Sam Smothers.


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