Details Behind Rihanna's 'Princess-Leia-Meets-Hollywood-&-Wakanda' Updo

Details Behind Rihanna’s ‘Princess-Leia-Meets-Hollywood-&-Wakanda’ Updo

Rihanna is an icon and steals the show wherever she goes. So it will not come as a surprise when we say that she stole the Golden Globes with her presence.

The singer was one of the best-dressed celebrities as she arrived alongside her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky. She was nominated for the Best Original song in Black Panther for her single, ‘Lift Me Up’. The musician was wearing a beautiful custom black velvet Schiaparelli gown with a regal updo.

Rihanna described her hair for the night as, “Princess-Leia-meets-Hollywood-meets-Wakanda”. She named it as her longtime hairstylist, Yusef Williams, did. The duo of Rihanna and her hairstylist have always worked towards their instincts.

While the dress did start as a jumping point, which initially had her hairstylist sketch up Rihanna’s ‘I-woke-up-like-this’ pigtails. However, when RiRi walked in the morning of the awards, they just looked at each other and decided to work with this.

That is when Williams added wires to the braids to add more structure to the powerful shape. This was followed with layering silk as the hair was twisted length-wise on top of the plaits. Rihanna then expressed that she does not want to look like Princess Leia but in the end, they were asking ‘what is wrong with being her?’

Further to add more of a Hollywood touch, the stylist sculpted a single-pin curl similar to Josephine Baker’s signature C-shaped hair accent. Both Rihanna and Williams always craft something magical together but for the Golden Globes, the stylist brought in a fresh look.

Williams revealed that this is a new area for them but they can still be daring and have these trend-setting moments. However, he credited Rihanna’s magic when there will be no convincing needed. He revealed, “She’s always like, ‘Let’s turn in out.’”


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