Despite being completely vaccinated, Farah Khan tests positive with COVID-19

Farah Khan, a Bollywood choreographer-turned-filmmaker, tested positive for COVID-19 after receiving both vaccine doses.

Khan turned to Instagram Stories to share the news with her fans, writing, “Despite being fully vaccinated and working with mostly double vaxxed people, I’m wondering if this happened because I didn’t put my ‘Kaala Teeka’ on. Despite this, I tested positive for COVID. I’ve already told everyone I’ve come into contact with that they should get checked. Please test yourself if I have forgotten someone (due to old age and losing memory). I’m hoping to be better soon.”

Arbaaz Khan, a Bollywood actor-filmmaker, was recently seen addressing a troll who had fat-shamed her and called her triplets thin on his chat show, the promo for which is out today. Although the whole episode has yet to be released, the above-mentioned trailer has already generated a lot of interest.

The social media troll allegedly said, “Why are the fat one’s kids so skinny?” in response to one of her posts.

In response to the seeming harshness, Farah asked the person to look after their children while she looked after her own. She went on to say that everybody with a phone believes himself a critic and knows how to watch movies.

Farah is presently a judge on the Zee Comedy Show, and she and Shilpa Shetty Kundra recently shot for a dance reality show.

Farah Khan is rumoured to be directing the official remake of the Bollywood cult film ‘Satte Pe Satta,’ starring Hrithik Roshan. There hasn’t been any official confirmation yet.

On Tuesday, Mumbai reported 323 new COVID-19 cases and only one new death, the lowest number in a week, bringing the total number of infections to 7,44,155 and the death toll to 15,977.


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