Derrick T Lewis is in full control of his destiny

Discovery is the most beautiful aspect of life.  

Finding your purpose is a perplexing maze of doubt, darkness, uncertainty, fear, and white noise. Pursuing what you believe is your destiny comes at the highest price in life. 

Living within conventional parameters allows a person to live by another person’s beliefs. Existing is easy in life. However, living life to the fullest extent separates followers from natural-born leaders. 

Understanding the level of sacrifice needed to reach manifestation is an esoteric mentality. Discovery is an intimate, passionate, and self-fulfilling prophecy in life. The life of Derrick T. Lewis illuminates the essence of human discovery.  

Derrick T. Lewis defines the meaning of persistency, consistency, and faith in 2022. Being born into musical royalty doesn’t mean your destiny is set in stone.

His mother was the leading vocalist of “The Pretenders,” and his father was a prominent member of “The Drifters.”  

Music was a genetic element of Derrick’s DNA. Derrick’s inner vision and ambition always reflected his creative genius.

 Seeing the world through a distinctive lens pushed Derrick to explore and push himself to higher performance levels.  

Becoming a successful actor in Hollywood was a part of God’s plan for Derrick T. Lewis.

Acting in blockbuster films such as Creed and Perfect Murder showcased his versatility. At the beginning of 2022, Derrick expanded his artistic and business portfolio.

He was appointed Broadcast Development Manager for MUSICHYPEBEAST and RADIOPUSHERS. Derrick’s role is to create audio and visual podcasts/shows that push creative and cultural boundaries. MUSICHYPEBEAST is a multimedia platform that houses 20+ podcasts and shows.  

Derrick is the official host of the ‘We Built Different Podcast. ‘We Built Different’ Podcast series has garnered critical acclaim and massive online growth via Pandora and iHeartRadio. Derrick T. Lewis is a relentless driving force in the Podcast community.

Jonathan P-Wright is a freelance writer for several mainstream media sites and based in Palo Alto, California.