Demi Lovato Confesses She Misses Naya Rivera In An Emotional Tribute

Demi Lovato is remembering her friend and former Glee co-star, Naya Rivera. The star passed away tragically by drowning.

The singer took to her social media handle as she shared a heartfelt video of the glaring sun while she was out on a hike. She wrote how she misses Naya as the story featured The Beatles’ classic song, Here Comes The Sun.

This was a reference to a scene where the characters of both Naya and Demi bonded. The tribute clip was short but it was enough to with the lyrics of the song. The opening lines of the tune go, “Little darling — It’s been a long, cold lonely winter.”

Demi zooms into the sun as she shares the heartbreaking tribute for her co-star. She played the character of Dani who was a recurring character in season five. Her character worked in the same diner as Naya’s character, Santana Lopez. In the storyline, their relationship eventually turned romantic.

This came after their characters sang the rendition of The Beatles’ song from their album, Abbey Road. The singer had revealed how she will forever cherish the opportunity to play Naya’s girlfriend. She had shared a post that was dedicated to the star right after her tragic death.

“The character you played was groundbreaking for tons of closeted queer girls (like me at the time) and open queer girls, and your ambition and accomplishments were inspiring to Latina women all over the world,’ she wrote in the caption of a series of photos of the pair.”

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Rivera’s Last Words Revealed

Naya played the role of Santana Lopez during the six seasons of Glee. She drowned back in July while trying to save her son Josey at Lake Piru. It is believed that the star had jumped into the water to help Josey back into their rental boat but could not make it back herself.

Her son was found on the boat that evening and there were no signs of his mother. Naya’s body was found at the lake in the morning after a 5-day search. Her 4-year-old revealed his mother’s last words before she disappeared in Lake Piru on July 8.

The late actress’s son, Josey, was able to inform authorities what his mother’s last words were. The child indicated that they were in the water and after the 4-year-old was on the boat, Naya yelled, ‘help’. After that, she seemed to have gone underwater, as per the autopsy report.

The report re-confirmed the reason for the actor’s unfortunate death as drowning” and called it an “accident.” Naya went missing on July 8 and the official date mentioned on the record is July 13, the day her body was found. According to the report, “According to wind records for the lake area, the high wind speed went up to 8 mph and there were wind gusts greater than 10 mph and up to as high as 21 mph in the afternoon.” 

The report also added that the area in which she was found had a depth of about 25-30 feet. It was with an underwater shelf nearby that was about 65-70 feet deep.

Naya and her ex-husband, Ryan Dorsey, share the 4-year-old. Both Naya and her child were seen parking and exiting her Mercedes G-Wagon SUV on July 8. The mother-son duo was going to the lake for a fun summer adventure.

Naya’s son was found hours later after she went missing. He was alone, in the boat, sleeping with his life vest on. The child was by another boater, according to the report.

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“The autopsy findings are consistent with drowning and the condition of the body is consistent with the time that she was submerged,” the Ventura County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed in a July 14 statement. They further added that no injuries or disease processes were revealed in the autopsy.


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