Demi Lovato Slammed For Claiming The Term ‘Alien’ Is Offensive To Extraterrestrials

Demi Lovato got trolled after their claims about aliens in an interview. The singer was trolled online for claiming that the term “alien” is derogatory. They want people to use the word “extraterrestrial” or ET instead of alien.

However, people are not convinced by their comments or claims. This came after Demi was promoting their new series, Unidentified with Demi Lovato. After their highs and lows in life f from where the singer, fortunately, came out alive, they are focusing on aliens. They have their best friends Matthew and sister Dallas with them.

The series revolves around Demi’s out-of-body experience that they believed to be an alien abduction. Unidentified is available on Peacock and includes 4 episodes. In an interview for promoting the series, Demi made the claim that the term alien is derogatory. However, this wasn’t the end as the singer had more to say. They talked about aliens and their experience with otherworldly visitors.

The show seemingly “bridges the gap” between Earth and outer space. However, the singer is not the first person to have made this statement. California signed into law a bill that bans the use of the term “illegal alien” to describe immigrants. However, there have been no barriers to using the term for otherworldly visitors whether in government or in Hollywood.

Demi shared that they think we have to stop calling them aliens because it is a derogatory term for anything. They added that they like calling them ETs and added that the decision came based on a little information that they learnt. However, they did not specify where the source came from. The singer was clear that they want to avoid the term altogether.

Twitter Trolls Demi For Claiming The Word “Alien” Is Derogatory

The singer also voiced her opinion on the stereotype that aliens will invade our planet one day. They shared that they are looking for nothing but peaceful encounters and interactions. The Heart Attack singer added if they wanted us gone, we would have been gone a long time ago. Demi said, “Why would they want our planet when we’re running it into the ground?”

However, the singer’s claims caught the attention of the internet and many users had plenty to say. A user joked, “BREAKING: Demi Lovato has been drafted by the US government to sing skyscraper to the aliens again to try and negotiate some sort of peace treaty after today’s cyber attack.” Another used the meme template of Leonardo DiCaprio to tweet, “Aliens, who don’t exist or at least we don’t have a concrete proof they do, seeing Demi Lovato advocating their rights on planet earth.”

One fan did not find it funny and slammed the singer. They wrote, “Why can’t Demi Lovato just stick to singing? Like why ruin your career?? How is word “alien” offensive?” Many users claimed if they are supposed to call extraterrestrials Martians. Meanwhile, another user claimed it’s hard to please activists because they get offended by anything.

One said, “Demi Lovato calling out the word “aliens” is the most Demi Lovato thing ever.” However, there is more news with regards to the singer as they revealed their desire to return to music as well as acting and podcast.


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