Deji’s Girlfriend Apologizes After She Went Viral For Racist Remarks In Her Twitch Stream

Deji is one of the most popular British YouTubers of tday’s generation. While he boasts over 10 million subscribers on the platform, he is more often than not recognized as the younger brother of KSI.

KSI is the elder brother of Deji and both the brothers have been involved in things more than just YouTube. Both KSI and Deji (also known as ComedyShortsGamers) have tried their luck in the influencer boxing trend with KSI acing all his appearances in the boxing ring.

Deji and Dunjahh

Meanwhile, Deji did not have the best of luck in the boxing ring in his case. However, after his second loss in a row, the British YouTuber decided to go on a hiatus, train extensively, and be back for redemption. Recently, KSI talked about Deji’s comeback in his video.

Deji first met his now-girlfriend Dunjahh nine years ago on Runescape and they got together around May 2019. Dunjahh has her own Twitch channel and while it is not very popular, her latest stream has caught more attention than all other streams combined. But what really happened?

The Racist Comment

Deji’s girlfriend is being accused of passing racist remarks in the latest stream. After she was called having a ‘fat a*s nose’ by fellow streamer WesleyTW, Dunjahh replied “Fat a*s nose? You’re black. You’re literally black. What are you talking about, fat a*s nose.” She was seen immediately bursting into laughter after this reply.

Not just this, she also said “I’m sorry … I’m sorry that you’re black” to Wesley in the first half of the stream after WesleyTW expressed discontent over a comment by Dunjahh which he thought was “out of pocket.”

Public Apology

Dunjahh has taken to her official Twitter handle to apologize for the racist remarks.

“I said a terrible stereotypical remark which came across as very racist. I never intended to be racist, but that doesn’t mean that certain things can’t come across as racist.”

“really bad” and takes full accountability for her actions, explaining that she is “truly, truly sorry.”


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