Deborah Ann Woll Hopes To Return For Daredevil Born Again

At the D23 expo, we got some great reveals from the Marvel franchise. One of them being ‘Daredevil Born Again’, fans have waited for so long to see their beloved character return. Charlie Cox is now all set to reprise his role as the street superhero in his own stand-alone series.

The series will have no connection to the past Daredevil show. It will be a complete reboot of the story. As of now Charlie Cox & Vincent D’Onofrio have been confirmed to appear in the series. But what about the old cast of Daredevil will they be back? As of now, no confirmation has been made. One of the Daredevil actress who was a loved character in the series hopes to return back if Marvel calls.

The actress is none other than Deborah Ann Woll, who played Karen Page in Daredevil. She was a very good/close friend to Foggy & Matt Murdock, also she use to work for them as a secretary at their law firm. At a point in the series, she also became the love interest of Daredevil.

Will Deborah Ann Woll Return For Daredevil Born Again?

Recently, Deborah Ann Woll had a conversation with Collider, where she revealed whether she will reprise her role as Karen Page or not. She says that the love for fans means so much to her and she loves Karen’s character too.

Deborah misses playing her beloved character. She feels that the character was really unfinished and there is a lot more story to tell. She adds, ” So yeah it’s really gratifying to see how much people love her and want to see more from her. I hope I get it too.”

Deborah says she’s here if Marvel calls as they already know her number. Also, she’s available so it’s possible for her to return as Karen. The daredevil actress says, ” But it’s up to them. I know they’re going to tell the best story that they know how to tell. And if that includes Karen Page, that will be so exciting.”

But even if she doesn’t return, she would be happy to watch it as a viewer.

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