Dear Indian Citizen Adnan Sami, Stop Interfering In Pakistan’s Affairs News

Dear Indian Citizen Adnan Sami, Stop Interfering In Pakistan’s Affairs

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Time icon September 9, 2020

Pakistan’s ‘Defence Day’ promised a lot of emotions and prideful moments for parents and families of martyred souls, to the one’s who have served this beautiful country, Pakistan.

Dear Indian Citizen Adnan Sami Stop Interfering In Pakistans Affairs

However, this day is made to remember the brave souls who sacrificed their lives for this nation to prosper and stay safe from evil, indian citizen Adnan Sami surely knew how to damper the mood.

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Taking to Twitter, Sami tweeted about how much he is angered and disappointed for not being invited to Pakistan’s Air Force Ceremony; his petty excuse was that, since his father had served in the Pakistan Air Force, hence his mother must be given the same respect.

Well! Not only is this claim illogical, rather it is extremely offensive. It seems Sami like Kangana Ranaut somehow has a craze or obsession with Pakistan.

Apparently, without defaming Pakistan, it seems both Sami and Ranaut might get their nationality canceled! Well, we have a message for Sami too!

Twitter becomes a war zone for Pakistanis & Indians

The minute Sami posted his tweet his social media was bombarded with Pakistanis teaching him a good lesson about minding his own business. From schooling to trolling things took a turn for the worst, and Twitter became a battle zone for Indians and Pakistanis.

The best part was Pakistanis made sure to send a clear and concise message to this indian citizen one and for all.

Simultaneously, Indians started to support Sami for his views and ways of defaming Pakistan.

However, Pakistanis made sure to send all these trolls back home. Hilariously, some Pakistanis even used this opportunity to make fun of Major Adnan Sami,

All in all, all we have to say to Pakistan is that yes we do respect your father for his services and sacrifices for this nation, however, that does not mean that we hold the same emotions for you!

If there is anything we really want to tell you dear India, its to mind your own business and stop interfering in Pakistani matters once and for all!

Pakistan loves its martyrs who lost their lives for the homeland and most importantly, served it lovingly. We don’t need to take notes from you on patriotism, at least. Pakistan Zindabad!

Adnan Sami Khan (born 15 August 1971) is a Pakistani-born Indian singer, musician, music composer, and pianist. He performs Indian and Western music, including for Hindi movies.

His most notable instrument is the piano. He has been credited as “the first musician to have played the santoor & Indian classical music on the piano”. A review in the US-based Keyboard magazine described him as the fastest keyboard player in the world and called him the keyboard discovery of the nineties.

He was born in Lahore to Arshad Sami Khan, a Pakistani Air Force veteran and diplomat of Pashtun origin, and Naureen, who was originally from Jammu and Kashmir state. The Times of India has called him the “Sultan of Music”.In 2016 he became an Indian citizen. He was awarded the Padma Shri on 26 January 2020.

Adnan Sami was born in 1971 in Lahore. He was raised and educated in the United Kingdom partially. His father, Arshad Sami Khan, was a Pashtun while his mother Naureen Khan was from Jammu. Adnan’s father served as a Pakistan Air Force pilot, before becoming a senior bureaucrat and serving as Pakistan’s ambassador to 14 countries.

His paternal great-grandfather, General Ahmed Jan, was from Afghanistan and a military advisor to king Abdur Rahman Khan. His paternal grandfather Agha Mehfooz Jan was the governor of four Afghan provinces under King Amanullah Khan’s reign and was also the King’s first cousin.

He was assassinated by Habibullah Kalakani and therefore his father’s family migrated to Peshawar, then in British India.

Sami attended Rugby School in Rugby, West Midlands, UK. Adnan followed his bachelor’s degree with a law degree (LLB) from King’s College London. He went on to qualify as a barrister from Lincoln’s Inn, England.

He had played the piano since the age of five and composed his first piece of music when he was nine years old. Sami began taking lessons in Indian classical music from the santoor maestro Pandit Shivkumar Sharma when visiting India during his school vacations. Indian singer Asha Bhosle saw him at age ten at an R. D. Burman concert in London, and encouraged him to take up music as a career.

He is an accomplished concert pianist, music composer and singer with a command of Indian and Western classical/semi-classical music, jazz, rock and pop music. As a teenager, Adnan,

when performing on the piano on a TV program in Stockholm, was described by the US-based Keyboard magazine as the fastest man on keyboard in the world and the keyboard discovery of the nineties.Sami went on to learn Indian classical music from Pandit Shivkumar Sharma, the Santoor maestro in India.

At the age of sixteen, Sami was approached to write a song for famine-hit Ethiopia, for which he won a special award from UNICEF.

In his career of 32 years, Sami has won many international awards including the Nigar Award, Bolan Academy Award and Graduate Award. Adnan is the youngest recipient of the Naushad Music Award for Excellence in Music. Previous recipients of this award include Lata Mangeshkar and Music Maestro Khayam.

Sami was invited as a member of the jury of the music festival Voice of Asia competition held annually at Almaty, Kazakhstan.

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