David Ferguson is coming up with a Bollywood movie based on an Indian immigrant

David is a passionate businessman who performs every task wholeheartedly and has left a positive mark where ever he has stepped into. After MBA, his interest started building towards analytics and gave a thought of accomplishing it from Harvard Business School. Becoming more successful in life, he is entering into the Bollywood industry as a producer with eminent people of the industry. Also, within a short period, he is going to disclose the names of celebrities who will be involved in the movie. Additionally, he will be playing the role of producer as well as a director.
David believes that this new project makes him more energetic and he becomes more confident because the story of this movie is close to his heart. Also, he has experienced the real-life incident of one of his best friends and from that experience; he began writing the script for this movie. Moreover, he affirms that this story will turn out to be fruitful and will inspire people around the globe.

The story will be about the struggles and adversities he faced in life. Also, this movie will move around on an Indian man who has dealt with awkward circumstances in life and affirms that lack of funds made him perform illegal ways of stepping into another country. Similarly, this movie will depict the hardships and success factors that aided him to accomplish a lot of things in life. Besides this, locations to shot this movie will be Mumbai and Los Angeles, California and will hit the screens at the beginning of 2020.