David Dobrik Spills The Most Embarrassing Secret Of His Life

David Dobrik is one the biggest and most popular YouTubers on the planet. He has achieved the status of an internet celebrity after years of creating content and entertaining the audience. While he already has over 18 million subscribers on YouTube, the influencer also hosts the famous podcast titled VIEWS.

Recently, David Dobrik was stranded in Slovakia and made his return to America after his visa issues were sorted. David Dobrik hosts VIEWS podcast with Jason Nash and Natalie Mariduena, both of whom are his friends from childhood.

In the latest episode of their podcast, David Dobrik literally revealed the most embarrassing secret of life and it is something related to Natalie Marideuan. Initially, David Dobrik said that he would never share it until the day ‘he dies’. However, affter his co-hosts coerced him to share the secret, David went for it.

The Secret

Natalie was stunned to the core after hearing the secret from David’s mouth and she took a whole lot of time to actually process it. Here is what David Dobrik said:

“When I was 12 or 13 Natalie had me go get something from her house, and I went into her room, and I put her underwear on,” he explained.

“What? David!” exclaimed Natalie and co-Jason burst into laughter while sitting right next to her.

However, the trio had taken the incident lightly as David confessed her was just 12-13 years old at the time. Natalie even went on to say that the confession was not ‘as shocking as she expected’.

“Even if you did that yesterday in my house I wouldn’t think it was that bad”, she said.

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