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David Dobrik Slammed After Friend Rides Bike Into Swimming Pool

David Dobrik can’t seem to catch a break as he is receiving backlash yet again. The Vlog Squad member Ilya Fedorovich was filmed recently as he rode his bike into a pool at David’s party. This has attracted a lot of criticism.

The YouTuber is the Vlog Squad leader and has already got into trouble for filming dangerous stunts on his YouTube channel. Jeff Wittek, another Vlog Squad member has been injured before while filming a stunt.

Clearly, the internet is tired of the stunts that are put up online. Many users have concluded that David will never learn. Meanwhile, other users pointed out that the Youtuber will never stop until one of the members gets seriously injured.

For context, Jeff was the victim of such wild stunts. He had released a multi-video docuseries that read, “Don’t try to do this at home”. The member spoke about his eye injury in detail and explained his experience while filming the stunt for David. He was flung by a rope that was attached to an excavator while David swirled it around.

Corinna Kopf had also accused David of taking things too far for the sake of his videos. Even others have discussed the situation. Scotty Sire had mentioned in his podcast that the influencer wanted stunt performers to get injured for the sake of the video.

“When he wants you to do something for the vlog, but you know he only wants you to do it because he wants you to fall off or hurt yourself. That’s what’s going to make it.”

During this controversy, other stunts filmed for David’s vlog had also resurfaced. Nick Antonyan, another Vlog Squad member was seen driving a moped off a pipe into a pool. However, after he recovered from his injuries, he said doctors said he had a 50% chance of dying.

In a TikTok compilation video, Vlog Squad member Heath Hussar was seen limping with an injury after he dived onto a table for Dobrik’s vlog. David had also come under fire for filming a video with Durte Dom, a former Vlog Squad member and was tied up in sexual assault allegations.

What do you think about this new controversy of David Dobrik? Let us know in the comments if you were previously a fan of David as well.

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