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David Dobrik Reveals He Makes Zero Dollars From His YouTube Videos

David Dobrik is one of the finest YouTubers of this generation. He rose to fame with his funny and vlogging videos. However, the YouTuber has now revealed that he did not make a single penny from his videos in the last three to four years.

Even though the fact that David Dobrik has not made any money from YouTube is true, the star does not want to put his content behind a paywall as he believes that good content must be accessible to his fans free of charge.

‘Thats Fu**ed Up’

In the recent episode of the VIEWS podcast, which David co-hosts with his friends, the topic shifted to making money from YouTube. This is when the co-host of the podcast Jason Nash revealed to the world that David Dobrik makes ‘zero dollars’ from his videos.

“Yeah. That’s f**ked up,” David chimed in. “I was thinking about that the other day. For the people who don’t know, I haven’t made a dollar off YouTube in like three to four years.”

“I think money is important because money can make so many other people happy,” said Dobrik. He then went on to explain that he was contemplating about switching to a paid platform in order to monetize his vlogging efforts. But later decided otherwise.

Will David Dobrik Make His Content Paid?

“I had a meeting with a paid platform person. I was like yeah, let’s do it. But after the meeting, I went f**king gray in the face.”

“If I make something great, I’m not going to want to put it behind a paywall. I’m going to want to put it out so everybody can access it.”

“I think I did what I wanted to do with the vlogs,” he said. “I just want to try something new. I’m like 25. When the f**k am I going to stop vlogging? When does the next thing happen?”

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