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David Dobrik Reaches Out To Fans To Help Them, Receives Backlash

David Dobrik has recently sent out a text message to his fans. He is asking them if any of their “family or [a] friend needs something let me know”. The text message was then shared by defnoodles and met with a lot of users claiming that the influencer is trying to redeem himself.

For people who do not know, David and co-host Jason Nash were accused by former Vlog Squad member Seth Francois of assault in early 2020. This also led to the YouTuber’s friend and former roommate, Dominykas Zeglaitis to be accused of assault by a young woman.

The YouTuber had then tried to defend the situation with Vlog Squad members Jeff Wittek and Scotty Sire but they only received backlash. David then went on to apologize for the situation and took a break from YouTube. They also lost their sponsorship because of the situation even longtime sponsor, SeatGeek.

Users online perceived this was not a message from the goodness of his heart and were left unconvinced. A user said, “He’s looking for content because he can’t make his own.” While another user suggested that David was trying his best to redeem himself. People on Instagram expressed their opinion as many stated that this was typical of older David Dobrik vlogs. They were referencing his giveaways of cars, and money to unknown people.

Other users mentioned that it was not genuine or helpful to others by asking for “a cool fun story”. One user specifically mocked David Dobrik’s association with Zeglaitis by mentioning that they “always wanted to get [my] friend SA’d.”

While other users online compared him with former talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. David is yet to acknowledge the situation or comment on his message to fans.

What do you think David Dobrik is trying to do? Redeem himself or being genuinely helpful? Let us know in the comments below.

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