David Dobrik Explains Why He Would Never Fight Adin Ross

David Dobrik Explains Why He Would Never Fight Adin Ross

The YouTube boxing phenomenon has started becoming a trend because of which many have asked David Dobrik to hop in the ring. The Youtuber, however, indicated how that is not happening anytime soon.

Vlog Squad leader, David explained why he will not fight Adin Ross or anyone for that matter. Fans have already witnessed TikTokers fight YouTubers and YouTubers fight Twitch stars. This trend of influencer boxing fights does not seem to be stopping anytime soon as more stars are hopping in the trend.

But David isn’t one of them as the YouTube vlog star was laying low during these influencer boxing matches. He was dealing with the allegation of harassment with a few of his Vlog Squad members. However, despite that, the Youtuber does not want to punch on anyone in the streamer or influencer community.

He was asked about potentially fighting Adin Ross for which he wasn’t too keen. The influencer said he does not want to fight anyone because he can’t. “Bro, I can’t fight anybody. I wish. I wish there was like a different sport,” he said. The Youtuber added if there was any racquet sport, he would have jumped on board.

David said he knows it makes him sound like he is scared but anything like Ping Pong, Tennis or even Basketball would work. However, he vehemently denied fighting as he said he cannot do it. But David said if he was pressured enough, he might have to at some point.

As we know, this sport is not for everyone, given how much training and preparation one has to have beforehand. But expanding these fights into other sporting pursuits could make up interesting content. A new wave with Youtuber challenges could kick-off.

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