Dasha Gonzalez Uncovers A Surprising Message From The Rock

Dasha Gonzalez Uncovers A Surprising Message From The Rock

The former NXT Megastar, who is now approved to All Elite Wrestling and also has a variety of roles, spoke extensively about her experience. Gonzalez introduced in the second season of The Titan Games in 2020, and she discussed how she had hoped to be a part of the first season but ran into a scheduling issue while operating for WWE.

Dasha explained, So Titan Games, I saw The Rock’s call to action on social media. I was with another company at the time, WWE, but I’ve never been allowed to train in the ring so if something happened to me and I can not do my work, I’d get in a lot more trouble. And I saw that The Titan Games, answered The Rock’s call to action, submitted the videos, got on the show for Season One, and went over to my boss and said, hey, I have this opportunity.

I’d be thrilled to do it. Being just the athlete that I am, or not being able to expend that additional energy, I decided that I needed to start competing. I need to take action. If it can’t be fixed in the ring, I’ll do it on my own time.

I had a work schedules conflict that didn’t seem to work out, but I was super disappointed and frustrated that I couldn’t do it. So I’ll do a strength and conditioning competition and I did end up fracturing my Achilles tendon and was out for nearly a year as a result.

I was like, guy, I didn’t have to do Titan Games, I got laid off, and I’m injured. It wasn’t a good time. And even though, being the idealist that I am, I believe that it all things happen for a reason. Okay, there’s a purpose I didn’t get this chance. That does not imply that the door is totally shut. If there is indeed a second season, and I have this wound that I’m convalescing from, it will be like the end of my injury.

Dasha Gonzalez explains how she ended up in Season Two

Dasha Gonzalez went on to explain how she ended up in Season Two and also how, following the end, she did receive an unusual text from Dwayne Johnson.

Gonzalez said that the one thing my mom always taught me, and even Pageants taught me, is to make sure people know how grateful you are for the experience. So I ended up going on Instagram and wrote The Rock a message, saying, This man is never happening to see this, but thanking the production company working on the show for the expertise.

And it was probably couple of months later that I received a message from him telling me how proud he was of me and how hard I’d worked. I really can not believe he’d take two minutes out of his day to send me a message. That is the type of guy The Rock is.

He expressed gratitude for it. I don’t know, like, representing wrestling. I was totally shocked. He stated, It’s great to have someone like you portraying the wrestling business and never giving up.It makes no difference who you are or where you arrive from. You gave it everything you had.’ And I started to feel like I did it, and it was nice to see that he recognised it, and everyone else there recognised it, so I’m still grateful for it to this day.

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