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Daryl and Dog in an Ominous Underground Tunnel in a Walking Dead Season 11 Clip

In a new sneak peek clip from The Walking Dead season 11, Daryl and Dog discover terrifying graffiti in a subway tunnel. The eleventh season of AMC’s zombie drama will be the series’ final chapter. However, the show is going out on a high note, with its last season consisting of 24 episodes split into three parts.

The first of those three pieces is almost here, and AMC has been teasing fans with plenty of teasers to get them excited for the start of the end. The Commonwealth, a newly discovered gang, and their armoured military ruler Mercer have received a lot of attention in recent Walking Dead episodes. Season 11 should also revisit the wicked Reapers, who were introduced in season 10 but only briefly.

Underground Tunnel

The most recent Walking Dead season 11 clip to hit the internet is void of spoilers, but it does put two of the show’s most adored characters in a terrifying scenario. Daryl and Dog, best friends, investigate a subway tunnel and discover a dead body that has evidently been there for a long time, as well as some really eerie and apocalyptic graffiti on the walls.

Check out the video below (courtesy of The Walking Dead Universe):

After being attacked by walkers while on a food run, Daryl, Maggie, and others from Alexandria seek shelter in this subway tunnel, according to a previously revealed season 11 synopsis. The fact that Daryl is off on his own in the above footage should come as no surprise, given Daryl is prone to doing so. It’s unclear what Daryl is seeking for as he searches the tunnels, but it’s difficult not to be reminded of the lingering mystery surrounding Leah, Daryl’s love interest introduced during Season 10’s six-episode run.

Of course, Leah vanished at the end of their episode and is still somewhere out there. Indeed, showrunner Angela Kang said that Leah would be back soon, so it’s likely that this brief clip is related to that plot. It’s also likely that the clip simply depicts a terrifying moment before Daryl has to fight off more zombies, which happens frequently on TWD. Season 11 of The Walking Dead premieres on AMC on August 22, 2021 (but premieres a week earlier on AMC+ on August 15).

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