Darth Vader is the final villain in Season 3 of Legacies  News

Darth Vader is the final villain in Season 3 of Legacies 

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Time icon June 12, 2021

Following the most recent episode, it appears that the last villain of Legacies season 3 will be Darth Vader–or at least an homage to him. The Salvatore School, a special school in Mystic Falls that runs as a private prep school but is really a cover for supernatural kids, is the focus of this spinoff of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, which follows the adventures and relationships of the students there.

Legacies has followed a monster-of-the-week structure since its premiere in 2018, with the students constantly fighting monsters that emerge from the Malivore Pit, an alternate reality filled with all kinds of frightening animals.

Season 3 of Legacies has been a bit shaky due to the COVID outbreak. Hope and Landon’s romance has grown old, and it lacks the continuity that earlier seasons have provided. The series has always been more lighthearted than its predecessors, and it is the only one in the Vampire Diaries universe that does not take itself too seriously.

That’s worked in prior seasons thanks to an overarching storyline, but due to significant disturbance of COVID, season 3 has leaned even more towards the strange, with mixed results. This week’s episode, on the other hand, may show that the season’s “everything goes” strategy was ultimately wise.

New Villian

Legacies frequently references popular culture and has spoofs specific IP. When the creature arrived at the end of the episode, it was clear that it was Legacies’ most obvious homage to a pop culture IP to date. In a way, the new evil who emerged from the pit was none other than Darth Vader. Although the CW show can’t utilise the real Darth Vader, the creature was definitely designed to look like the Sith Lord, complete with a black helmet, cowl, and cape.

He appeared in front of swirling smoke and dramatic backlighting, as well as scary music that was incredibly similar to Darth Vader’s theme, “The Imperial March,” as seen in numerous Star Wars films. With only two episodes left in the season, Legacies may break from its one monster each week pattern and use this Darth Vader homage as the season’s villain.

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