'Darlings' Becomes Netflix's Highest Global Opening For Non-English Indian Film

‘Darlings’ Becomes Netflix’s Highest Global Opening For Non-English Indian Film

This dark comedy has taken the very disturbing subject of domestic violence and has taken audiences in India by storm.

Netflix’s new release, Darlings, which debuted last week on the OTT platform, has had the highest global opening for a non-English Indian movie. As per a statement released by the streaming service, viewers spent 10 million hours watching the new movie on its opening weekend.

Not only that but ‘Darlings’ is also trending in the top 10 categories in 16 countries. The list of countries includes the Americas, Africa, and Asia including the UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Trinidad, Kenya, and Tobago.

The movie features Bollywood stars Alia Bhatt, Shefali Shah, and Vijay Varma in the leading role. It is directed by Jasmeet K Reen and the plot revolves around a young couple who fall in love and get married. After which he begins to abuse his wife, but the tables turn after a point.

The movie has gotten a lot of attention, not just owing to the popularity of Bhatt but also because of the production company that backs the movie. Production was backed by Shah Rukh Khan, another Bollywood superstar.

Before the release of the movie, it also became subject to controversy as men’s rights activists accused it of promoting violence against men. They even went so far as to call Alia the “Indian Amber Heard”. Amber Heard is the Hollywood actress who recently lost a defamation case; which also included domestic violence, against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

As per a report by BBC, Save Indian Family Foundation claimed that many victims of domestic violence, who were men; were traumatized by watching the trailer. They even urged that the movie should be boycotted along with Alia Bhatt and her films.

However, the director of the movie has clarified how serious of an issue domestic violence is; and points out that there is no gender for domestic violence. She also added that they have made the film with the sensitivity and empathy that it needs.


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