Darkest Power Of Wonder Woman Can Destroy All Of Reality

Darkest Power Of Wonder Woman Can Destroy All Of Reality- JLA: Golden Perfect

You might think that being the guardian of truth is Wonder Woman’s strongest power, but it turns out it is also her darkest. The true power that she holds is revealed in the three-part storyline, JLA: Golden Perfect. This power is what she wields over the entire world and her belief and protection of the truth can lead to the destruction of the world.

The character’s most iconic weapon is the Lasso of Truth or the Golden Perfect. But this also has the fate of the world hanging by the strands. Diana has the strength to maintain balance or chaos. But because of false truths, the world is beginning to fall apart.

This storyline has been explored in JLA: Golden Perfect and issues #62-64 have Joe Kelly and Doug Mahnke on the creative team. In these comics, Wonder Woman travels to Jarhanpur where somebody’s child has been made into a slave.

Moving further, in JLA: Golden Perfect, Wonder Woman tries to reveal the truth but she finds two that the Amazon does not believe can co-exist. This great revelation causes her faith to break in the lasso and the truth. The break then leads to chaos as truth becomes subjective. Wonder Woman fails to uphold the truth and believe in values.

It is not known what the powers of the guardian of truth really have. JLA: Golden Perfect also shows Wonder Woman’s strengths are beyond forcing the truth out of her enemies and revealing secrets amongst friends. The character needs to protect the truth and let it exist.

These comics also reveal the failure of Amazon as Earth becomes the center of the universe; turns into a flat planet. Not just that, deities also come to life, civil wars begin; and even Batman’s existence is threatened as he is believed to be a myth.

JLA: Golden Perfect reveals that failing to protect the truth has caused all the people of the world to be responsible for it. This puts the Justice League on a crashing plan for destruction. However, thanks to Wonder Woman as she goes on a quest and realizes the real truth. She realizes her mistake and confronts it; as she begs for forgiveness from the one thing that she failed to listen to, Jarhanpur.

It is not easy to reveal the truth or believe it, however; failing to listen to it is her darkest power that can lead to chaos.

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