Daredevil & Kingpin To Be A Part Of Marvel’s Echo Series

Daredevil fans, it’s a happy day for you as Kingpin & Matt Murdock is going to be back in the new spin-off series of Marvel “Echo”.

The Daredevil show ended in the year 2018, and since then fans are waiting for the characters to come back to the MCU. As Phase 3 of MCU ended, phase 4 brought a new beginning for all the MCU fans as not only the old characters are returning back with the concept of Multiverse. But also the new characters are being introduced with a connection to the old ones.

Echo was first introduced in Hawkeye’s web series, she is a deaf superhero. Her relationship with Kingpin was that she was his adopted daughter. Kingpin was also a part of the show his story ended with him getting shot by a gun by his own adoptive daughter Maya. The daredevil fans already know that Kingpin wears armored suits but still, we don’t yet know if he is dead or still alive after the events of Hawkeye.

Speaking of Daredevil, he reprised his role in Spiderman: No Way Home although the response from half of the audience was not that good. Although some people were quite excited about seeing him return back others were “dead silent” in the theatres when his scene arrived. The reason for this might be that they haven’t seen daredevil or might not be a constant follower of all Marvel shows.

Some of the sources say that the plot of Daredevil in the series will include Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones too. If this happens then there are chances of Marvel introducing the Defenders in the MCU once again. There was also a rumor that Daredevil will be wearing a black and red suit in the Echo series & will be a part of 3 episodes.

As of now, Marvel has not yet confirmed on Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio joining the cast of Echo. But it’s said that they are officially going to be a part of the show Echo. Echo is played by Alaqua Cox, her character was introduced in the Hawkeye series. She was on a hunt to find who killed her father but by the end of the series she gets to know it’s the one person that she works for i.e Kingpin is responsible for the death of her father.

The Echo series is in production now, as filming has already started in Atlanta. As of now, Marvel has not confirmed anything but with the defenders series shifting to Disney+ there are chances that we get the street Superheroes back in the MCU.

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