Danny Mowlds the Cannabis Kingpin Who Built a Legal Weed Empire by Age 24 News

Danny Mowlds the Cannabis Kingpin Who Built a Legal Weed Empire by Age 24

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Time icon May 12, 2020

Meet Danny. At 24 years of age, he’s quite the accomplished cannabis tycoon. In just 18 months, he’s set up and grown two of the largest cannabis clubs in Europe, as well as creating his own clothing line and record label. Today, he’s busy building a state-of-the-art recording studio. Here’s how he did it all.

Spain Catches Up and Says “Hola, Cannabis!”

Spain – it’s a land known for sun, sangria and siestas. What it wasn’t known for (at least until recently), was cannabis. Yet the scene in Spain is now easily on par with Holland.

Today the cannabis coffee shop industry in Spain has never been hotter – counting as one of the fastest commodities in Spain, hands down.

The sky-rocketing growth of this scene is teamed with the Cali Cave’s unique cannabis strains – ones that no other coffee shops in Europe have (not even in Amsterdam). We’re talking RS11, Yamaguchi, Masomoto, Raspberry Gelato and many more – created by leading cannabrands that have won awards for their good green work (brands such as Jungle Boys and West Coast Cure). Couple this collection of strains with the vibe of The Cali Cave, and Danny’s success story is easily explained.

Step into the Cali Cave

Just 18 months ago, Danny cut the ribbon to his first flagship cannabis club in Alicante. Only a year on, he opened his second – in Benidorm this past December.

In both there are murals of Eminem, Tupac and Biggie. There are pool tables and PS2 gaming. Look to the shelves and you’ll see more than 40 exotic strains from California, Spain and the UK.

In the past few months, an illustrious list of rappers has made their way through doors of the Cali Cave – including Icy Narco, Meekz Manny, Charlie Sloth, INK and more.

Little wonder then that a growing list of celebs is calling the Cali Cave their latest hangout.

Getting in those Gold Label Garms

Not content with building a starry-eyed cannabis coffee shop chain, Danny entered the world of clothing at the start of 2020.

Designing everything from jackets and tracksuits to tees and trays, this growing collection of merch is sold directly from the Cali Cave website.

What D’ya Know About Cali Cali?

With two clubs successfully launched, a booming social following, and a clothing label for the Cali Cave masses, most would think they were busy enough.

But not Danny. In April 2020, his record label Cali Cave Records launched, with the label’s flagship song created by Belfast hip hop artist Jun Tzu. Fast forward a couple of months and 70,000+ YouTube views later, and Danny seems to be onto a sure thing once more.

Who knows what’s next for Danny. But in the next few months alone he’s hosting an already sold out, four-day fiesta on a £ million+ yacht. So there’s that.

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