Danny Ainge Made The Best Decision Again!

Danny Ainge Made The Best Decision Again!

Another major transaction has finally happened in the off-season. The Utah Jazz has struck again as they traded Donovan Mitchell who is the face of the Jazz franchise. Donovan Mitchell has been sent to the Cleveland Cavaliers to join forces with the likes of Darius Garland, Jarrett Allen and Kevin Love.

The Mitchell trade

The Utah Jazz in return received a big haul. They received a perennial All-Star in Collin Sexton who had been wanting to leave the Cavaliers in a long time. They even received Laurie Markannen who will be valuable as a stretch 4. Ochai Agbaji still has been waiting to prove his worth and this seems like the ideal situation for him.

The players they received are no doubt good and would help them in the long run. But the main return the Utah Jazz received were the number of picks. They got draft picks and pick swaps all the way till the 2029 draft. If you think about it then the return the Jazz got for Mitchell was way too much. This pretty much proves Danny Ainge’s negotiations skills.

Danny Ainge is genius

He has already deducted that the Jazz were going to be taking so he got rid of all the core players and enter the tanking phase while having both invaluable and expendable assets at the same time. His investment on the future is what has made him successful till now as an NBA executive.

The best example is what he has done with the Boston Celtics. The trade he made in 2012 paid off so well that a decade later the Celtics are contending for a championship again. The new Utah Jazz are in for some struggling seasons in the coming years but it would be of course rewarding if in the end of that spectrum they can nab a championship.

The Jazz pumped for the future

The number of picks they have received in return for Mitchell and Gobert will be huge as they can now have a number of picks at their disposal. What’s more they have kept options open for themselves if they need to revamp their team according to the style of game they would be playing.

They have announced their new coach Will Hardy so it will be interesting to see how he will help the team tank. It could also become like a Mark Jackson situation but that is what’s needed with the Utah Jazz. The franchise hasn’t won a championship in their history. They have made the Finals but they now need to stand on that stage. These moves might as well lead to that moment and Danny Ainge realizes that. Let’s see what the future holds for the Utah Jazz!

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