Danielle of NewJeans Announced As The Global Ambassador of Burberry

Danielle from NewJeans has officially become a member of the family of Burberry global ambassadors, ADOR announced on January 6, 2023. Following the announcement, the agency also made available photographs from Danielle’s photoshoot, in which she was seen sporting a black purse from the upcoming spring/summer collection of Burberry and a flannel top and trousers.

The new female group, which made its debut in August, has been a hit. The girls have been taking over the internet with their intriguing tunes and their original themes even though they have only published six tracks.

Many premium companies have discovered the attributes they need in NewJeans members to act as their worldwide ambassadors as a result of their rising popularity.

Danielle, a member of NewJeans, now represents Burberry, making three out of five NewJeans members brand ambassadors for high-end clothing companies. Hyein joined the Louis Vuitton family as a global ambassador last month, and Hanni joined the Gucci family as an ambassador in October.

Fans of the K-pop star Danielle of NewJeans have flooded her with love and support after she was named the newest global ambassador for Burberry. Even though it hasn’t even been a year since its debut, the group and its members have accomplished so much that fans are ecstatic. Additionally, Danielle is not just a local brand ambassador for Burberry but also a worldwide one, which is quite an accomplishment for a young idol.

There are a lot of reasons why many fans think Danielle from NewJeans is the greatest choice to be Burberry’s global ambassador. The idol has consistently demonstrated a preference for the high-end clothing line by sporting several pieces from it and going to pop-up events. Additionally, Burberry’s look is seen to best suit Danielle by enthusiasts.


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