Danhausen Supports AEW Booking Funny Wrestlers Like Orange Cassidy and Him

This week, AEW’s Danhausen spoke with HardLore in a rare out-of-character interview about the company’s employment of comedic wrestlers like himself and Orange Cassidy in its weekly show. Despite the fact that both men have enormous fan bases thanks to their distinctive personalities, detractors frequently accuse them of failing to take the product seriously. Danhausen rebutted that notion by asserting that both he and Cassidy had contributed to the growth of new wrestling fans by enticing them to the sport.

In the realm of wrestling, Danhausen is undoubtedly a contentious figure; although some people enjoy him for his comedy skills and peculiar persona, others just “don’t get” him.

Danhausen joined AEW in 2022, but other AEW performers, like JR, didn’t understand his appeal. However, in a rare interview with Hardlore that was conducted outside of character, Danhausen stated that he and Orange Cassidy help attract new followers.

What were his remarks? They will definitely prove a point.

“I believe that when people think something is too silly for wrestling, they tend to complain about Orange Cassidy and me. We are also the two athletes about whom I often hear, “Oh, my friends don’t like wrestling, but they adore you two,” and as a result, they start watching, or “Oh, I wasn’t really watching, but I saw you two, so I started.” It’s evidence that we’re gaining new fans, which is what a wrestler should be doing “added Danhausen.

Danhausen to make a mark

In January, Adam Cole and Cassidy were competing in a Lights Out bout when Danhausen entered the organization (AEW) and cursed Cole. Since then, he has only been in pro wrestling five times, but he has managed to team up with Hook as Hookhausen and FTR. On this week’s AEW Rampage, he will pair up with Erick Redbeard (as Beardhausen) against The Gunn Club. In the meantime, Cassidy will pair up with The Best Friends to take on The Trustbusters in the AEW World Trios Championship Tournament’s first round.

What about Orange Cassidy?

As mentioned before, we always felt that Cassidy is one of the Darkhorse of AEW. The pinnacle of pro wrestling is not just about being a wrestler, of course you can impress everyone with your movesets and winning championships etc. But more importantly is how you are making an impact to the audience and entertaining in your own way.

Cassidy as always been around the spectrum of being the most hilarious characters in pro-wrestling in the recent years.

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What makes Orange Cassidy so well-liked and popular?

Because he is unique.

Orange Cassidy is the total and entire opposite of the aggressive, intense, frightening, loud, and passionate persona that most wrestlers strive to project.

And that distinguishes him. Additionally, his actions are entertaining, and comic wrestlers typically tend to become far more well-known than their real contribution to wrestling plots. It also helps that he genuinely puts forth some effort to wrestle because he puts on a respectable in-ring performance.

Nobody puts in less effort (in character, that is) than Orange Cassidy when it comes to getting the biggest reaction with the least amount of work as a professional wrestler.

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