Dan Trocki: From Building Yachts To Growing Pot

The majority of the United States have collectively agreed that marijuana usage should be legal, especially for medical purposes. More states have passed recreational usage in recent years, and come this November; New Jersey will likely join the pack. Gov. Phil Murphy released a video earlier this month, persuading New Jersey residents to vote in favor of a referendum to legalize marijuana. His reasons include tax dollars being wasted and unlawful criminalization from racial profiling and discrimination. Legalization for recreational use would eliminate said issues, create more jobs and divert funds from illegal enterprises, gangs, and cartels. Communities would see public funding increases.

Since permits to manufacture, distribute and use cannabis will be limited, Dr. Jon Regis, a black gynecologist who heads Reliance Medical Groups in South Jersey, and the Trocki family, entrepreneurs in the medical field, real estate, and boat manufacturing, combined resources and their diverse qualification advantages to secure their spot. For now, it is just a waiting game.

This week, Egg Harbor City Council voted 7-1. They approved a resolution authorizing the preparation of a redevelopment plan for the boat factory, overseen by Dr. Trocki’s son and successor to Buddy David Yachts, Dan Trocki. This would enable the Trockis and Dr. Regis to renovate the 50,000-square-foot space to house both boatbuilding and marijuana operations. The marijuana division would operate under the name Relevant LLC and cultivate and process the drug for medical use until New Jersey approves recreational.

The building is ready for use, with minor reconfiguration necessary for completion. However, any further development will be paused until the bill is passed.

“Marijuana will be a gamechanger for New Jersey, especially in terms of the economy and job creation,” Dan Trocki said. “There are so many medical benefits from cannabis use, and it should be normalized and accepted among the masses because of the fact that it helps people.”

Trocki, an advocate for marijuana, whose mental and physical health have benefited largely from cannabis, believes passing this law will save others. These unprecedented times have caused a lot of stress, anxiety, and depression, all of which are relieved from cannabis.

Trocki further explained their team’s optimism for legislation to pass and believe they are not jumping the gun on this idea. When it comes to obtaining a permit, Dr. Trocki, Dan Trocki, and Dr. Regis feel they are in a great position considering their long-time community presence, medical background, job creation history, and being a minority-majority-owned cannabis company with Regis owning 51 percent.

Owning the distribution center will allow for additional opportunities that Dan Trocki has proposed to his father and Regis, including an adult cannabis resort. They are already in possession of an 810 acre, shuttered Comfort Inn hotel on the beachfront of West Atlantic City. This would transform into a ‘Disneyland for adult recreational marijuana.’ The concept will allow guests to be served various strand samples at the marijuana bar and eliminate the potential for harm by providing lodging.

“Legalization of cannabis opens doors for plenty of business and health opportunities,” Trocki said. “The world is evolving and the acceptance of nature’s medicines should be more prevalent. Cannabis is innovative and can overall bring our economy back.”


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