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Dan Levy Reveals Schitt’s Creek Movie Is Not Happening…Yet

Schitt’s Creek aired its final season during quarantine and it was also brought into Netflix in October. The series has proved itself worthy by sweeping the Emmys with their back-to-back win.

So it is natural for all of us to wonder what they will be creating in the near future. The family of Roses was in different places around the U.S. the last time we saw them. A popular idea that has been circulating the internet is a spin-off that will be evolving around Alexis’ life.

A name for the spin-off is also popular as fans suggest to name it after her reality show, Little Bit Alexis. However, Dan Levy, the actor, and co-creator of the superhit series has addressed the rumors and the fan theories flying around.

He shared that there are no plans for a film just yet. The actor clarified that he loves the idea, so he is not ruling it out. He further shared, “It’s very flattering that people want to know, but I would just say generally I think you need to let the good things settle for a minute. Let people finish the show. Let people sort of taking a breath.”

However, Dan said if people are still interested and if an idea comes to him and the cast is wanting to do it then he will do it. He informed how the creative team had cautiously ended the series on purpose. Especially when things were going very well.

“So we’ll see in a few years if it all sort of comes together.”

 The co-creator said, “I’m very sort of sensitive to overstaying your welcome in any capacity. So we’ll see in a few years if it all sort of comes together.” We do hope we get a spin-off, a movie, or anything that gets the cast back on screen.

According to reports and obvious reasons, the cast and crew of the show are very close. Dan created Schitt’s Creek with his dad, Eugene Levy. The father-son duo actually played father-son in the show too. The actor had thanked his dad at the Emmys after he won Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.

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He said, “I want to say thank you to my dad for giving me the reins to this show, even though I didn’t have any experience in a writer’s room, which saying that out loud right now feels like a wild choice on your part, but I’m grateful for it. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.” 

Although, we can see more of Dan for the time being as he stars in the holiday movie, Happiest Season along with Kristen Stewart and Aubrey Plaza.

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