Daliland Director Calls Ezra Miller ‘One Of The Greatest Actors He Worked With’

Ezra Miller never failed to be in the headlines due to its controversy. There was also a lot of buzz around The Flash film release because of this. As Warner Bros strictly gave the actor three options to proceed further with the movie.

Ezra Miller went for the first option which is to go and seek some professional help as now his mother has joined him in Vermont. After that, he could give an interview for an explanation of his past erratic behavior which caused a lot of trouble. 

Along with The Flash, Miller is also a part of the film named Daliland. The film premiered at Toronto International Film Festival today. The film will release on 17th September 2022 for the audience. Ezra Miller who goes by the pronouns they/them, play the role of Young Dali in the film. The film follows the story of a painter named Salvador Dali. The Flash actor is playing his younger version. The older version is played by Ben Kingsley.

The film is helmed by Mary  Harron. The screenplay is penned by John C Walsh. The producers of the film include Daniel Brunt, David O. Sacks, Sam Pressman, Edward R. Pressman & Chris Curling. The director shared his experience of working with Ezra Miller amid his controversy. In an interview with Deadline, the director revealed that Miller’s commitment to the project never wavered, throughout the years working on this film.

Ezra Miller had three days to fill the role, amid filming for The Flash & Fantastic Beasts as well.  Harron explained how he prepped them for the role. He says ” we had an exchange of emails, I said, look at this book, read these books, there are some documentaries.” Further, the director says Miller came well prepared for the performance. They even asked him if they can perform the lines in French when required.

Harron admits that Ezra Miller is one of the greatest actors he worked with. The director hopes the Flash Actor gets the necessary help they need.

Ezra Meets Warner Bros

Ezra Miller has met Warner Bros’ higher management, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Miller with his agent CAA’s Scott Metzger went to meet the higher authorities of the studio Michael De Luca & Pamela Abdy.

The Flash star’s reason behind the meeting was to apologize in person for drawing unfavorable attention to the company through his controversy. Other than that, they went to reassure the company about their commitment to the film and to know how to stay on track with the release.

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