Daisie, a startup from Maisie Williams, is preparing for funding and partnerships

You must have heard about one of the biggest shows in television history which was named as the Game of Thrones. Now, we said was because the show has been completed and the last episode of this show premiered earlier this year. However, we are talking about an actress from GoT named Maisie Williams who is known for her character named ‘Arya’ inside the show. It is to be noted that Maisie Williams is now running a startup which is named Daisie. Daisie is an app which allows creators to collaborate with other creators in a simple and fun manner. Maisie Williams wants to help those projects find an audience now.

Maisie Williams reveals that likes, followers and views is not something that she wants Daisie to focus on when she says that her app does not focus on traditional “popularity” metrics. She added that “We didn’t want follower counts — I think that rewarding audience for these typical kinds of metrics can be quite damaging and can make you feel like just because you’re not popular then maybe you’re not talented. And that’s just not true. The thing about creative endeavours is that the things that are popular aren’t necessarily like the best things and just because something that you do isn’t liked by many people it doesn’t mean it’s not incredible.”

As far as Daisie’s progress is concerned, the app saw 100,000 members earlier this year and Maisie’s startup has already raised $2.5 million in a seed round. Also, Maisie told in her interviewthat the startup would start fundraising “soon”. She added that Daisie’s idea came from the fact that “At the moment we’ve got a really wonderful community that’s thriving and creating these amazing projects. But in terms of transferring that into the real world and helping people actually get jobs — these partnerships are going to be really, really great for that,”