Daequan To Finally Stream On Twitch In Almost Two Years

You read the title right! It’s finally happening after almost two years! The famous Fortnite and Warzone gamer is coming back to stream for the fans once again!

Daequan disappeared from the internet to ‘focus on his health’. Initially, the streamer said he would keep the hiatus ‘short’ but that didn’t turn out to be true.

His break from Twitch, and the internet as whole, lasted almost two years.

Internet Comeback

It was revealed on August 26 that the then-TSM creator has changed squads by joining NRG Esports.

He was considered to be one if the biggest Twitch streamers on the planet prior to his hiatus. Daequan’s streams raked in over 15-20k concurrent viewers easily. In mid-2018, the streamer was fetching more than 200k hours watch time on every stream.

YouTube Comeback

Daequan, right after announcing his return to the digital world, met with an unfortunate accident. He tore his ACL while filming for his first YouTube video in ages.

Well, having a torn ACL doesn’t stop you from playing games… does it? This is what Daequan decided.

Twitch Comeback

Taking to his Twitter account, the Internet personality said “Saturday… my stream gonna go crazy. Be there”

During the period of his absence from the internet, there were only two instances when Daequan sent out a tweet or a message to his fans publicly.

On November 26 he shared an image of himself and his cat on Twitter, alongside a caption that read, “Feeling better than I have in years. Always thankful.”

And in a separate tweet on November 26, he said “feeling like myself again.”

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