Daequan Severely Injures Himself While Filming For A YouTube Video After 2 Years

Just a week back Daequan took the Internet by storm when he announced his comeback. After being inactive on his social media handles for so long, Daequan returned with a bang.

Not only did he announce that he will start creating content again, he even formed a content house called ‘Thoom House’. It is a multi-million dollar place that houses some of the best content creators on the Internet, including NRG and Darryle ‘Hamlinz’ Hamlin.

How Did He Get Injured?

However, Dadquan’s return to the Internet has been met with an uninvited accident. The YouTuber suffered serious injury by falling and tearing his ACL.

In the very first YouTube video that he was filming after almost two years, he and his crew were attempting the American Ninja Warrior Training course.

“I tore my ACL making this video so go watch it. First official content video Thoom House Ninja Warrior,” Daequan tweeted on his official handle.

Darquan Advises His Followers

In the short video he tweeted, Daequan is seen in pain explain how he managed to pull of a severe injury.

In a separate tweet, Daequan said that he was doing better and advised his fans saying “If you ever tear your ACL and you’re trying to be a sports player or something, don’t play on it. Get an MRI and treatment, or it’ll f**k you up worse later.”

What Next?

When the ACL is torn, it can take up to 6 months to an year for complete recovery. It is a common phenomenon seen with athletes and sportsmen.

Daequan certainly will not have the ability to put out ‘atheltics’ type content in the coming months, depending on how severe his ACL tear is. But there’s one hope – Gaming! We can see Daequan dedicate more time to gaming!


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