Daequan And Hamlinz’ NRG Thoom House Members Revealed

Daequan and his friend Hamlinz had a successful career run as Twitch streamers when both of them announced that they will be taking a break.

Daequan wanted to focus on his health during the planned ‘short break’.

However, he disappeared from the public eye for more than 500 days and when he returned, with his close friend Hamlinz of course, they had some exciting news to share with their fans.

Daequan and Hamlinz announced their comeback last week. They also said that the duo have signed a deal with NRG along with forming a new content house named NRG Thoom House.

NRG Thoom House Members

Unlike other content house leaders who invite big content creators to be a part of the content house, Daequan and Hamlinz invited seven of their closest friends to live with them.

This means that Daqequan and Hamlinz will act as Kickstarter for their friends’ content-creating journeys.

The NRG Thoom House channel on YouTube has already started uploading intro videos of the new members. Let’s have a look at who are the members of the NTG Thoom House.

NRG Meteors

Daequan and Meteors became friends who they met through the game Black Desert Online. This is how Meteors has come to the NRG gang now.

In the intro video, he is said to be a good vibe, genuine and funny by his roommates. Meteors said that he would bring balance to the house by bringing down some of the ‘ego’ in the house.

NRG Ginos

Just like NRG Meteors, Daequan became friends with NRG Ginos through an online game.

Check out the intro video of NRG Ginos


As you might have guessed until now, NRG Sin is yet another friend of Daequan who will be a part of NRG Thoom House.

He is described by NRG Thoom house-mates to be loud, hyper, and the life of the party, Sin brings a positive vibe to the house which keeps everyone in a great mood.

NRG Exie

Next up is NRG Exie who will be posting IRL content on her Twitch.

She also found her way into the NRG Thoom House via Daequan, except this time on Guild Wars 2.


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