Cummins confident of Alex Carey despite his poor outing at SCG

Cummins confident of Alex Carey despite his poor outing at SCG

Alex Carey, wicket-keeper replacement of Tim Paine for Ashes, enters the Hobart match as the Australian player most in need of a strong performance after a debut series that has perhaps still not guaranteed his place behind the wickets.
However, it is his job with the gloves which has brought the most criticism, with Sydney being a challenging match for him with two missed opportunities – both of similar fashion as he dived to his right, which followed a tough one he grassed in Melbourne and the edge off Jos Buttler in Adelaide that went between him and first slip. But his captain Pat Cummins, who took the beating for two of Carey’s missed chances, did not see cause for worry.
While Carey has not been among the run-scorers, his average of 15.71 is a little tricky, having sacrificed himself for a first-ball duck in the second innings in Sydney – when Cummins then immediately declared – after Carey also stepped up to open in the Gabba chase and edged behind. He played nicely for a maiden half-century in Adelaide which wrestled back the initiative, but three other first-innings scores of 12, 19 and 13 will be a disappointment given he had managed to get his eye in at the crease.
We are confident of him – Cummins backs Alex Carey
“Firstly on his batting, I probably haven’t helped him out declaring on him last game,” Cummins said. “The thing that is really consistent with Kez [Carey] is that he’s willing to do anything it takes to help out the team. He put himself out there at the Gabba batting in the second innings.
“Keeping, it’s his first year – it’s tough – he’s working really hard and we are super confident in him. Eight catches in the first game would be an incredible standard to keep that up. I’ve been happy. He’s been confident enough going for the balls that he missed early on in the series. [We’re] not worried – he’s class, has played plenty of games for Australia. We are really confident in what he can bring and think there’s been a lot of big positives, so the message to him is keep doing what you are doing.”
“Technically, he had a bit of an Achilles heel this series, just low to his right,” Haddin said. “As the replay’s showing there now, he’s very flat footed when he goes… you’re meant to be pushing hard off that left foot. All he’s doing, he’s dropping his right leg to make way. He’s not getting any power to go and get power out of that left foot to go for that catch.”
“First and foremost, I think he needs to square himself up. He’s opening that front foot up too much. When the ball does go outside his eye line on the right, he’s turning his left shoulder and going side on, where you need to say work in a straight line across.”

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