Cryptocurrency World Expo 2022 To Take Place In Warsaw With Industry Leaders

Cryptocurrencies have been the talk of the town lately. But there is a major awareness gap about this space which needs to be plugged. And guess what? The Cryptocurrency World Expo is trying to do just that.

It is a cyclical event for today’s blockchain and cryptocurrency community and they are going to hold their fifth summit in March 2022 in Poland, Warsaw.

About The Cryptocurrency World Expo

The Cryptocurrency World Expo agenda covers all the existing and arising topics in the cryptocurrencies and finance market, focusing on innovative solutions that outperform traditional ways.

A big part of the expo is dedicated to Blockchain technology and how it changes specific business segments, financial activities, and demands of the clients.

The Cryptocurrency World Expo strives to bring senior-level executives, founders, and advisors from leading companies in the industry, promising start-ups and supporting institutions, as well as common cryptocurrencies enjoyers together.

The agenda is handpicked and designed to cover various critical topics relevant to blockchain, payments, asset management, exchanges, regulations, governance, cybersecurity, taxation and many more.

Date And Time

The flow of communication and the atmosphere of networking is very crucial part of any financial event. Therefore, our hosting venue is a prestigious and spacious conference hall in a Złote Tarasy shopping centre in Warsaw city centre’s heart.

Over 1400 participants will have the opportunity to meet and listen to leading professionals of the Cryptocurrency community.

At Cryptocurrency World Expo, the participants will experience a 2-day expo and conference, over a dozen
Round Panel discussions with leading representatives, Awarding ceremony, a unique networking experience, after party and more.

Conference day: 9th – 10th of March 2022

Starting time: from 10 AM to 7 PM [local time].

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