Crypto Twitter Thinks Baby Doge Will Hit All-Time-High of Shiba Inu In 2022

The darling meme coin of 2021 Shiba Inu has seen a slowdown in momentum in the past few months. However, to replace Shiba Inu, another meme-coin is coming up and rising faster than ever. It is the ‘Baby Dogecoin’ cyptocurrency.

Baby Doge is a fast rising star in the memecoin community, steadily climbing upwards in the crypto market over the past few days by surging more than 115% in merely two weeks.

It recently completed 1,275,000 holders, according to crypto market watch sources.

Baby Doge Community

The BabyDoge community is on its way to mainstream as they recently also 800,000 followers on Twitter. The coin was the most talked about on the platform with 156,000 tweets yesterday. The community remains to be quite strong and interactive in the market.

And now, Twitter users are betting that Baby Doge will hit the All-Time-High of Shiba Inu this year.

A poll that was started on Twitter asking people whether Baby Doge can achieve the ATH of Shib in 2022 has now ended and the results are in.

According to the results, over 93% respondents believe that Baby Doge will touch the ATH of Shiba Inu this year while only a small portion of respondents believe it shall not be possible.

Shiba Inu Vs Baby Doge

Ever since Baby Doge crept into the ranks of the of the most traded token amid BSC wallets, the petitions to list this digital currency on US’s top cryptocurrencies exchange Binance have grown significantly, prompting babydoge enthusiasts to start another wave of the same appeal after the memecoin’s tweets crossed Binance’s on 16 January.

All of this proves that Baby Doge and Shiba Inu are in a direct battle for the meme-coin of 2022! What happens next, only time will tell. However, the odds of Baby Doge winning over Shiba Inu seem to be very high.

Recently, another poll for the most valuable 2022 meme-coin was posted by @TrueGemHunter. The Twitter handle has over 78k followers and at the time of writing this article, 15,300 votes have been casted on the poll.

BabyDoge is currently a strong contender in a fight where crypto enthusiasts are vying for their coin to be the one to get listed on a platform where several other rival memcoins are presently contending each other, including Dogecoin ($DOGE) and Shiba Inu ($SHIB).

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