Crypto Reward System To Be Included In The New GTA Game

There have been rumors that Grand Theft Auto 6’s gameplay may include a cryptocurrency reward program.

According to recent leaks, GTA 6 will allow players to earn and exchange in-game cryptocurrencies.

Being ahead of its time is nothing new for the Grand Theft Auto franchise, which is known for its innovative ideas.

Even 20 years after its 2004 release, GTA San Andreas is still regarded as incredibly unique and futuristic. Jetpacks that could fly and other advanced technical aspects were seen in the game.

The Liberty City Stock Exchange in GTA

The Liberty City Stock Exchange, a stock exchange, was the name given to Grand Theft Auto 4’s stock market by Rockstar Games in 2008. (LCSE).

The LCSE was situated in the “The Exchange, Algonquin” neighbourhood, but the player couldn’t enter the structure. The LCSE building was only present on the map with the price ticker moving; it played no part in the plot.

After GTA 5 was launched in 2013, however, and Rockstar Games gave players access to the stock market, things started to change. Players could utilise their smartphone’s internet connection to access BAWSAQ and LCN Exchange, where they could buy and sell stocks at will and engage in stock market-related gaming.

Lester offered “Stock Market Assassination Missions” where players could earn money. By manipulating the stock market, a select few fortunate players even made $2 billion.

After stocks, it now appears that Rockstar Games may be gearing up to introduce cryptocurrency in the upcoming GTA 6.

The game’s premise might incorporate cryptocurrency as a plot element to provide the player different ways to make money.

Missions that are paid in cryptocurrencies can be given by characters who are cryptocurrency millionaires. GTA 6 will be praised for being futuristic twenty years from now (after its release) for including bitcoin gameplay.


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