Cruella 2 Hasn't Signed Original Movie Director Yet

Cruella 2 Hasn’t Signed Original Movie Director Yet

The Emma Stone-starrer of the Disney sequel was recently announced to be in development, however, the original film’s director has yet to sign on.

Craig Gillespie had brought the comedy-drama to life; as he went back to the roots of the animated film 101 Dalmations. He explained the creation of the most iconic villain of Disney, Cruella de Vil. The movie was a financial and critical hit as Emma Stone portrayed the character fabulously.

Cruella was successful in challenging the balancing act that was necessary for it to explain the origin story of de Vil as they kept things PG-13. However, there was no shortage of criticism as not everyone was happy with the dark take on what is meant to be a children’s story. The film went into the mix of both high fashion and Gotham-esque villainy; leading to Emma’s portrayal of a character who was easy to like and dislike.

The movie wasn’t perfect and did stumble at times, however, it was the beginning of what Disney was setting up as another franchise. Emma is set to return for her role in the sequel but that is all the news about it so far. This has opened the imagination of fans as they wonder what the sequel will bring with it.

Craig is yet to sign on to the sequel and the news comes from THR. The outlet did not report any reason for the director to hold out on signing the movie. Tony McNamara, who was the screenwriter of Cruella is set to return to write the sequel. However, at this point, it is safe to say the writer will only be able to dive into it in 2022.

Craig’s style of filmmaking was one of the many reasons why; the movie was able to blend comedy with darker elements. If the director does not return it will surely be a great loss for Cruella 2. However, the director is currently (at the time of writing), listed as the project’s director on IMDb. Giving the director the benefit of the doubt, there is likely to be a Cruella 3; which can mean that the director is looking for that sort of contract which will keep him on board.

But even then, the project still has Emma and McNamara which means it is in a strong place. While we wait for Craig to get on board; fans will surely be occupied trying to piece together where the sequel will go with the story.

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