COVID Vaccine Rollout In-Charge Gen Gustave Admits ‘Delivery Miscommunication’

The military general in charge of distributing Covid drugs in the US has admitted that he has failed at the initial price promised.

Gen Gustave Perna, head of Operation Warp Speed, said he had taken “his own responsibility for the incompatibility” with the country’s authorities.

Pfizer And Moderna Vaccine

More than a dozen states have expressed shock at the expected number cut.

Pfizer-BioNTech ratings are released following approval – and the Modern vaccine is now also approved.

The United States has registered more than 17.5 million of the 76 confirmed cases worldwide since the outbreak, with 315,000 deaths. Both are the highest numbers in the world, according to a Johns Hopkins University study.

What Did He Say?

Gen Perna has repeatedly apologized to the country’s authorities during a press conference.

He said he had issued the dosage numbers based on what he believed would be right, stressing that it was his own fault.

Gen Gustave Perna

“I am the one who approved the forecast papers. I am the one who approved the distribution,” he said. “No problem with the process. No problem with the Pfizer vaccine. No problem with the Moderna vaccine.

“I failed. I’m fixing it. I’m fixing it and we’ll move on from there.”

The U.S. media reported that some states had been told that the prices they would receive next week would be lower. The New York Times listed 14 provinces by name, including California, New Jersey and Michigan.

Governor Jay Inslee of Washington wrote on Twitter on Thursday: “This is disturbing and worrying.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer said White House was “slow in the process”.

Gen Perna said: “Please accept my apology if this interferes with your decision-making.”

The Rollout Process

Gen Perna said he did not know “accurately” when all the available drugs would be distributed.

The Department of Health and Human Services has suggested that this discrepancy could be between the number of products produced, and the actual number being distributed, as interest and other factors must be considered.

Gen Perna said the newly approved Moderna vaccine would begin shipment on Sunday and that he was on track to get a combined total of about 20 million vaccines to go to the first week of January.

He said he hoped the program would work “flawlessly”.

Vaccine comparison
Courtesy: BBC

Both of these vaccines are said to be about 95% effective. The US immunization program aims to reach 100 million people by April.

COVID Cases In The US

About 5% of US people are known to have been infected since the outbreak began.

Since mid-November, the seven-day Covid-related death toll has risen from just over 1,000 to more than 2,500.

Many provinces are frustrated. California has trouble finding beds – another 17,000 people are in hospital, twice as many as in July.

Nearly 130,000 people in the US have so far received a vaccine at the largest vaccine in U.S. history.

The initial amount of 2.9 million doses will go to senior health care workers and residents of long-term care facilities, although this initial amount will not fully cover the two categories.

Some 70% -80% of the US population 328 million will need to be vaccinated to protect themselves from the herd, officials said.

Another key problem is the $ 900bn (£ 665bn) economic aid package that has been suspended for months of joint disputes.

The latest stumbling block seems to be the complex problem of emergency power in the Federal Reserve. This is often used to deal with market turmoil and the Republicans do not want Joe Biden to have the power to use them at Covid after he took office on January 20.

Democratic House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi emphasized: “We are where we can go.”


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