Corporate Bro is America’s Comedic Relief News

Corporate Bro is America’s Comedic Relief

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Time icon March 25, 2020

A Stanford MBA student, a salesman, and a comedian. Yes, you heard correctly, comedian. Ross Pomerantz, now widely known as Corporate Bro, knows what it takes to work in the corporate world but also uses his career insights to create hilarious content through a variety of other platforms. Corporate Bro found his outlet from a world he was all too familiar with. One full of endless, bureaucratic bullshit. And it was through comedy that he was able to carve out a niche, corporate comedy. He’s not afraid to speak the truth and satirize the demands of the corporate world, bringing laughter to tens of thousands of people who can relate to his sketches. With humor that is perfect for the typical nine-to-fivers who find themselves bogged down by the intense pressures of Corporate America, Pomerantz brings comedic gold to a global platform, with many of his skits inspired by personal experience. 

A salesman by trade, Pomerantz was immersed in the rigor of working in Silicon Valley for Oracle when he realized that there was a veil of absurdity over the office. He wasn’t happy with his job, and he realized that he wasn’t the only one who had the same sentiment. However, this corporate monotony sparked the idea to turn his experiences into comedy in order to alleviate the intensity of the workplace. He told writers, “I remember walking into the office one day and I had this moment where I thought ‘this place is ridiculous. Everyone here is such a corporate bro! Nobody has any idea what they’re doing and yet, we’re getting paid to do it!”  Thus, Corporate Bro was born. With loads of content uploaded to the now-retired Vine platform, Pomerantz was able to capitalize on a market in need of short bursts of comedy. The videos are cathartic for many of his viewers. But after realizing the anticipated demise of Vine, he started uploading his content to Instagram, where he now has over one hundred and thirty thousand followers and has accumulated millions of views. With the increase in popularity of Corporate Bro, Ross Pomerantz has become known more so as his comedic alter ego than his real name.

But all of this didn’t just happen overnight, and Corporate Bro was never a solo operation. Pomerantz brought on the help of his brother and a few friends, a video manager, and writer in order to fulfill the public’s demand for more exciting, new, and original content. This new job is not as simple as one would think. “Yes, working and going to school takes up the majority of my time, but each video will takes roughly 10 hours to write, film, and edit. We dedicate entire days to our content,” Pomerantz shared. A pioneer in this new field, Ross is constantly working with his team to create original pieces, which is not an easy feat. He takes the time to craft, and design jokes and one-liners that are relatable and sensible to his growing audience. The corporate world has found its new entertainment outlet, and Corporate Bro has risen to stardom in the modern American workplace. 

Nowadays Ross has branched into more general live performances (standup) for companies, which has further expanded his international platform. With an abundance of merchandise, multiple social media platforms, and a team of academics and creatives behind him, Ross Pomerantz aka Corporate Bro, is not going out of style anytime soon. 

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